Finding a Purpose

In the past week between school visits, I have had time to read other teachers’ blog posts.  As I’ve read posts that clarify ideological positions and specifically outline steps to take for certain classroom activities, I’ve wondered who would be helped by reading my blog posts.  I have also begun to edit the video footage I have obtained from classes I have observed.  When I complete my sabbatical journey, I will have an unwieldy amount of footage.  I look forward to watching these clips from the perspective of an editor and creating a summary of techniques I admire.

Because this blog will probably have two different audiences, Latin teachers who value my opinion and friends and family who are interested in my travels, I want to provide something for both.  Therefore, I want to publicize how many different techniques are used in Latin classrooms and how different they are from what many people have in mind.  There is a huge number of fantastic, inspiring, and effective Latin teachers, and too few people know what they do in their classrooms.  Let this be a celebration of the professional family I have come to so admire.

When my European travels begin, my purpose will change.  I have often preached how helpful Latin is to me when I travel.  Now, I will be able to chronicle all the ways.


First Day Back to … School?

Today, I watched my colleagues return to school for a Professional Day.  While I certainly appreciated the extra sleeping time, I did find myself wondering what I was missing, but only long enough to remind myself that I now had time to do what I’ve wanted to do so many times.  Instead of just aggregating articles and blog posts and links, I sat down and read an entire post, from the beginning, through every hyperlink,  to the end.  Of course, with our current social media, there really isn’t an end, but I felt that sense of completion that I so rarely feel. I look forward to completing my thoughts, being able to pursue my distractions guiltlessly, and finally setting to paper (in digital form) what I propose to do with this sabbatical.


It’s happening.  I’m starting my sabbatical and my first blog at the same time.  I will use this space to post observations from the classes I visit and photographs from the places I explore.  Glis, my classroom dormouse, will accompany me on my travels, just as she does for my auspicious beginning.