London Redux

As an update to my previous post about London, I need to mention two important gifts that keep on giving.


My mother-in-law has been saving the Latin crosswords from The Times of London. While in London, I eagerly awaited each Saturday when the puzzle would appear in the paper, and I could work on my Latin crossword while Caroline and Tim worked on their own English crosswords. I now have a growing folder of puzzles that have been sent to me. Many of the clues simply require a knowledge of Latin, but plenty of others require a knowledge of British culture and humor.


Isobel Raphael, the Latin teacher I met in London, recommended that I read Adam Nicolson’s book, entitled The Mighty Dead in the UK and Why Homer Matters in the US. I immediately purchased it and loved every page. Not only did I appreciate Nicolson’s poetic prose and insights into the relevance of the ancient Classical epics, but I also noticed that my journey from Italy to the Hebrides mirrored a number of his own trips, from which he drew a similar spiritual boost. Reading this book was a perfect way to round out my sabbatical and begin the job of summarizing it for others.